Risk Disclosure

  1. Trading in the Forex and other capital markets is considered Risky and Speculative. The leverage available in trading means that a relatively small movement can lead to a proportionately much larger movement in the size of any loss or profit. It can work against you as well as for you and lead to large gains or losses.
  2. The relevant market for Trading is characterized as highly volatile which inherits high risk and may cause high losses to the deposit funds and in a short period of time. The Company is not and will not, in any way, be responsible to the trades executed or not executed by the Client.
  3. The Client is ultimately responsible for all of the losses suffered in their account. As a consequence, the Client should be prepared to lose all funds which he/she has deposited. The Client is also responsible for losses that exceed his/her profits and deposits. The Client should never fund his Trading activities with retirement savings, loans, mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education, home ownership, funds required for current income, present or future medical expenses.
  4. Rules and Regulations. The Client must know and follow the rules and regulations applicable to the Company’s Trading services as set forth in the documents and agreements delivered to and signed or approved (by way of internet approval) by the Client. Not following the rules and regulations applicable to Trading or any other applicable regulations may result in forced closure of positions (“Trades”), temporary freezing of the Client’s account, closing the account and/or other actions necessary for the protection of the Company.
  5. Transaction costs may reduce profit taking. Be aware that every time an individual trade is placed, the Company profits from the Ask/Bid Spread. These Transaction costs are a major cause for the Traders for not being able to increase their trading size and help with development as a trader. The total daily/monthly/yearly commissions may add to losses and/or significantly impact and reduce profits.
  6. Knowledge of our software programs. The Client must be knowledgeable in the use and functionality of the Trading software provided by the Company or by any third-party provider in order to correctly interpret account information and to be able to place orders correctly. The Client shall be responsible for all orders placed in his account, regardless of his understanding of the system functionality. If the Client does NOT have a complete understanding of how the system operates, he should not trade before obtaining the required knowledge.
  7. Overnight positions are considered risky. Holding large positions, especially after the close of a relevant market (or in any case of cease of commerce, corporate events, freeze of trading on a security etc.), may result in considerable losses. Opening prices (next day or renew of commerce) can be significantly different from the previous closing prices; such price changes may also significantly change the result of stop-loss orders.
  8. Company makes no warranty regarding the effectiveness, accuracy or efficiency of the Trading platform. From time to time, the Client may have difficulty accessing the account data due to a possible variety of technical problems. The Company makes no warranty of merchantability, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, no other warranty of any kind expressed or implied regarding this service, data or information provided thereby or any aspect regarding the order entry or execution services except as required applicable by the law regarding possible damages including limited to loss of profits, trading losses or damages that result from reliance on inaccurate data or delay or loss of access to customer account execution services.
  9. It is important for the Client to reconcile his account on a frequent basis. Any suspected discrepancies should be immediately brought to the Company’s attention. All trade confirmations and monthly statements will be deemed accepted by you if it is not claimed upon receipt.
  10. The Trading Services delivered are intended to provide professional and non-professional Traders with a mechanism for execution of trades. Nothing in this service constitutes investment advice or a recommendation by the Company or its Affiliates to buy sell or hold a particular security, financial product, discussed financial instruments or the suitability for making any such investment. The Company is neither a registered investment advisor nor a broker dealer.
  11. Due to the fact that commerce system is based, amongst others, on networks for the exchange of information and the Internet, the commerce or any part thereof may be ceased and/or disrupted and etc. without prior notice or for reasons which are not under the Company’s control. In a situation in which commerce is disrupted, the Company shall be permitted to close all open transactions made by the Client without prior notice as much as possible with fair prices reflecting on the current market condition. The Client shall have no claim, demand or right for indemnification. In such an event, with respect to any damage claims that were caused due to ceasing of commerce and/or due to transactions performed or not performed.
  12. Since the pricing information is received from an international information provider is a third party, it is impossible for the Company to be responsible for updating and showcasing the exact information as it appears in the website and/or trading platform and its conformance with the updating pace of the international market. In any case there is an event of error in transmission of information; the Company can adjust the pricing and the outcome of the positions.
  13. Force majeure – The Company shall not bear responsibility for any form of harm caused to the Client in the event that it is the result of a force majeure from any outside events and not in the control of the Company which influences Trading. The Company shall not bear any responsibility for any delay in communications and/or failure in the internet, including, without limitations, computer crashes or any other technical failure whether caused by the telephone companies and various telecommunication lines, the ISP computers, the Company’s computers or the Customer’s computers.